Devil and the Deep sea..??….Yup,Pretty much..!!

So, what do you do when a REALLY sweet girl asks you something about which  you REALLY don’t know much..!!,,*Quite a dilemma,must say..*

You do what i have done–Try and answer the question..and hope that you do not end up making a complete fool out of yourself ..!!
The Middle-East has been plagued by civil wars and foreign invasions for quite a while now…*Those wondering  about the sudden change of the course of discussion…..This is the Question dimwits…*

After the two gulf wars and unending uprisings in Yemen,Syria,Qatar and other neighbouring countries,this violent struggle reached a deafening crescendo with the people’s revolt against the dictator-Mubarak,in Egypt.
What followed was a series of similar revolts in Syria,Yemen and most noteworthy among all-in Libya.

In my humble opinion,what lies at the heart of these revolts is a very deep sense of betrayal against the rulers,held by the people.A case in point would be the response which Libyans gave to the phoney general-Qadafi.
Unless and until this sense of discord is not addressed,peace can never return to these regions.

Though not driven by religious or terrorist  undercurrents,these revolts have attracted Western powers like iron bits to a magnet.Their presence in oil rich Libya is under the scanner.

To cut the long story short and getting back to the question asked at the beginning…..This is what you do…..and expect that this REALLY honest attempt will suffice….and the REALLY sweet girl will be REALLY pleased.


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