If FATE doesn’t make you laugh…..

From some corner of my mind….*mind you not my heart*  i got this weird idea….I decided that i was going to laugh at the things which have gone haywire in my life,and then assess the feeling.

No i am not demented..!!
Have you ever faltered even after trying your heart out.?Let me help you with some vague examples.

Did you spend that beloved and long awaited Sunday on making a presentation due on Monday..Only to find it being ruined by you team mate on the stage..?..Worse still, have you ever you been pulled up by your boss/professor for a glitch that was just not your part of the job…??…Well, these are just leaves from the life of Yours Truly..But you do get the drift …don’t you..??

The point is that at times no matter how hard one tries,Success-that sly smile remains elusive.

Now you see a hint of sense behind the seemingly loony notion that i shared with you towards the beginning..Don’t you….?

Come on..you must have had that failed date or a friendship/relationship that went  sour even when you tried to hold on to it with all you ever had….*Yes, i see that nod of comprehension now..!!*

To cut a long story short…sometimes things do not work out,no matter  how hard we try,at least not in the way we wanted them to.But the essence of life lies in getting up every time we fall.So, we must keep that smile as bright as ever…..To those who cast doubts….one can only say…”If FATE doesn’t make you LAUGH,Then you just don’t get the JOKE….!!”


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