Dear, Opposite Sex…..

This is my take on an open letter to the “Opposite Sex”…..*To save the poor writer from the pain of typing the two words again and again,the abbreviation OS has been used in the rest of the text *…….
Come on..!..Remove that smirk from your face…*Yours Truly is a chronic case of borderline laziness *

When you read this try to visualize yourself as the narrator…So,the OS could be a guy or a girl.

Coming back to the point–:
Dear OS,
You do have that uncanny knack of messing up with my mind every now and then….I don’t want to be rude but you understand my anguish….Who am i kidding,Of course YOU DON’T..!!

I wonder,almost endlessly….I argue with myself,almost ceaselessly……But can never really zero in on what drives me to the point of  insanity….when it comes to you!!
This is not an excuse,but you have aided me in messing up a few grades/meetings/presentations over the years…
I have spent those countless moments on the phone..*Damn you Bell..!*…or the internet,trying to understand the intricacies of your mind,but all those attempts have been futile…

Worse of all, you have mastered that art of ignoring me…Showering me with  all your attention at one point..*I Love it when you do that*……and then acting as if I do not exist,the very next moment..!!
Now,i don’t want to sound petty,but i have suffered considerable monetary loss too,over the years…Dividends in the form of understanding would certainly not hurt.

To cut the long story short,I want to remind you that I am only HUMAN……and although i adore you for your habits….I would really appreciate it if you could walk some distance  in my shoes…
Looking forward to your reply ….


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