How DARE you call me an ARTIST…?…!!

An honest confession–writing this at dawn,under a cloudy sky,with a very soft breeze flowing across my face,I almost feel like one myself . Then at the very next instant I shudder at this delusional thought and only one question lingers in my mind *in whatever part was awake at that hour of the day…!*–How in the name of GOD did I even DARE to think that I was or could be some kind of an artist ?

Now hold those words of encouragement for a while and pay some serious thought to what I have to say. *As if one doesn’t pay enough of everything else nowadays…!!*

The aforementioned fear springs from the way in which the world treats  “Artists”…*Those who are sulking at this cliche’–Cut me some slack…!! Somethings just have to be said*
In my opinion, “Artists”, come from various walks of life,like painters,sculptors,authors & poets,actors and even athletes. Now,some would say even killing and looting is an art–We are discussing the ones which are least gruesome !

Sensing that this blog was turning into one boring,insipid piece I decided to overhear an imaginary conversation between an “Artist” (A) and any common person  (CP) from our society (Read-Intolerant,No taste for art) :–

CP-…and who the hell are you ?
A- I am an Artist.
CP-really,do they make ’em anymore *mocking laughter* Anyways,now that you are here,what is it  that you want…?
A-Some  “Freedom of Expression”  would do,Sire.

Snapping out of that conversation and resuming ours,if you are wondering about the need and relevance of the 4 lines,just think about the fate of one of India’s best painters who passed away recently, a couple of authors- a man and a woman,a cartoonist who cracked the “wrong” joke,the odd film maker whose work is chopped into pieces even before it sees the light of the day….*C’mon–Do some of your own thinking as well..!! Add to that list*

The bottom line is, that we need to GROW UP as a society and realize that everything that is not right to us,is not necessarily wrong.

To cut the really long story short, unless we show some maturity we’ll have to deal with many such conversations:
A-Sire,you do not realize but even you are an “Artist”…you have perfected the art of survival.
CP- Don’t give me that load of crap…Art my foot..!, How DARE you call me an “ARTIST”…?


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