"Man…!! Those sages really knew what they were doing"

An overcast Sunday morning,overlooking a day, devoid of any constructive activity *That is one ‘helluva’ life …what say ?*,results in bouts of,what i prefer to call,the “creative itch” (of course,not the officially accepted vernacular.)

So in one of my many jobless moments,as i was gazing, (Not in  the silly tongue lolling way !), a thought struck me-Our ancient texts,say, the Vedas,Upanishads and others were quite accurate in the way they divided the society.
To those already up in arms  *Hold on- you loyal supporters of Marx*,I just think that the division still exists, not justified, but it still exists.
So this is my take on the entire hoopla –:

1.Shudras–Those relegated to the bottom of the pyramid,those unfortunate ones are the students….Yes,you heard it.They are the ones who do all the menial stuff–they mug up,cheat,gossip,slander,kill time,disrespect every soul which opposes the aforementioned activities….*Too “preachy” ??……. Never like a word of wisdom..I rest my case.* Also, they get  played around by the powerful ones–capitation,reservations..always at their mercy.They cannot switch over from this into any class–ever tried telling your parents that you want to quit studies ?
2.Vaishyas– Pretty much,every common man, whose sole objective in life is survival.We sell,trade in everything from blood to soul,without any trace of remorse.So that makes us traders,right ?
3.Kshatriyas: Well,with due respect to the armed forces,we do not have this class of people any more.In my understanding,”Kshatriyas-The Warriors”,fought for the weak,while all the wars we wage are to save our skin only.
4.Brahmins: Every one who is high and mighty,falls under this umbrella.Our politicians for instance-speak in a language which is not  known to the common folk,carry out rituals *Read schemes for national welfare* which are complex,expensive and seldom understood  by others.No one can challenge their authority. *See–Pretty much the Vedic Brahmin,right ?–Of course devoid of anything even remotely related to God*.

So that sums up our modern Vedic society.We are still trapped in contraptions,which are from a different age,an age whose ideals have been long forgotten.

I can almost hear you groan in anguish,as you restlessly scroll down to see how much more do i have to say !

Told you…!

To cut the long story short if we open our eyes to the world around us,the stark reality of how primitive our society still is, in its thought process,will dawn upon us.
Then in a startled moment we’ll say to the friend enjoying the overcast Sunday,next to us…..”Man..! Those sages really knew what they were doing.”


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