Wish you a Happy 42nd !!

I know i am already late by 2 days,but I must wish Mr. Rahul Gandhi a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY…!! (I believe he celebrated it on the 19th of June as “Kisan Adhikar Divas” i.e., “Farmer Rights Day”).

For those who do not know who Mr. Rahul Gandhi (RG) is,he is an Indian parliamentarian,elected to the Lower House from the Indian state of “Uttar Pradesh”.Noteworthy among other things is the fact that RG is a General Secretary of the largest party in India’s ruling coalition.Hailing from the Nehru-Gandhi which has given India three direct and one de facto prime minister,RG is touted to be India’s next PM.

Now, the chances of RG reading this are as good as my chance of starring in a movie opposite Julia Roberts.Nevertheless, I will go ahead and finish my birthday card-note to Mr. RG.

Dear RG,
My heartiest wishes to you on completing forty one years of life and still managing to remain pretty much of an enigma,*The Indian media has not been very successful in giving you a media trial,Sir* if I might say that.
But I must say that your very conspicuous absence from the entire anti-corruption scene has astonished me,among many other people.You have maintained a very measured silence since your arrest at the farmer protest site *Out of curiosity,did the cops address you as Sir or Baba ?*
Also, if I  might ask you…Do you conform to the absolutely appalling foreign policy that your government has been following ? I mean,look at the Chinese,they are actually altering the course of the Brahmaputra by building a dam.Rana got away in the American trial court…What a sham ! *No death threats,Please !*

Every one seems to be speaking of corruption so I would skip that issue on your birthday.*Pretty convenient !*But you do support the Anti-Corruption draft,don’t you ?

Well,I would just want to remind you that almost every first time voter *No points for guessing the age group* or those who would like to vote for the first time in 2014,have thought of you as some sort of a “Youth Icon”…*Giving our beloved cricketers and the MTV crowd a run for their money,if you know what I mean.* Those young souls have looked up to you,at least once in their life.
Mr. RG, Please Do Not Let Them Down !

Anyways,enough said,Wishing you a very Happy 42nd year !

HBD to you !

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