Barrage of Emotions

Before you go ahead and actually read this,I must bring to your notice the fact that,this post is meant for a group of people.So,you might not understand what I am going to tell you.But, you should still read and check whether
you get the point or not.

There are indeed a lot of events in college,which warrant a display of our emotions.But for us,a very significant event is the selection of our courses for the upcoming semester.We have pushed,shoved,stood in long queues for long hours.Many have spent a few sleepless nights,trying to get the perfect schedule.

Replete with technical flaws,the system has been the cause of severe consternation to the students.
So, whenever it is around the corner,it triggers a “Barrage of Emotions”,most of which are displayed.What begins  with meticulous planning,leads to disgust and anger,consequently ending with helpless panic !
This panic triggers some sort of a Domino effect and affects every one concerned.

Anyways I am supposed to get my hands dirty on the 25th.To those who are already done with it,–my sympathy.To those who are waiting–my best wishes.

If you have read the entire post and have managed to get a vague idea about the topic of discussion,I’ll give you a clue :
JUMBLE :– CFSF…Yes, ‘that’ is what ‘this’ is about.


6 thoughts on “Barrage of Emotions

  1. Very true..I am not only concerned about the emotional part.But the feeling of disgust (because of the non-sense ffcs process and “not to forget the damn fucked-up VIT server”), losing out on your classmates,quarelling with your friends over the electives and the random schedule irrespective of one's academic performance are few drops of this dirty water like thing called FFCS..

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