I don’t work on a Sunday !

Among many other tendencies that we have,what bothers us the most ? (This is a question which i have posed to those born with a silver spoon in their mouth,or any other type, that was not wooden,for that matter !)

You are entitled to your view and also to your own opinion.But for me the answer to my simple question asked at the beginning would be “indifference”. (Yes,yours truly is really annoyed by indifference.So,the next time you don’t reply to my text messages,you could very well be subjected to my wrath.)
Anyways,there are much greater tribulations that life puts us through than a message which yields no reply. (But,really ! That is just rude.)
Have you ever paid attention to all the hullabaloo around our degrading environment ? I know the honest answer to that question.It would be “NO” and  mine would be the same.
Are you still troubled by the sight of homeless families,surviving on pavements under the open sky ?
Do you still  feel the pang of helplessness,when you wake up to find that the little playground at the turn of your residential colony  will now make way for a building for corporate honchos ?
Does your mind register any kind of sensation when you read,in the newspapers about a woman who was raped, a trader who was robbed, a  family that perished in an accident due to negligent driving? (These were posed to those who actually read a newspaper in the first place.If you don’t then just continue reading .Never mind !)
Do you as a citizen of “The Sovereign Republic of India”,wince in anger when you are robbed as a tax-payer ?
Well,I could just go on and on,posing questions like these to you.I do know that our answers to all the questions posed above would be the same as before.These are some of the tribulations that life puts us through.(I sincerely pray that you do not have to go through any of them.)
But the million-dollar question (even more,maybe !),is that “Do we still CARE” ?
Our  busy lives have not left us with enough time to “CARE”,some would say.But don’t you think that it is just another way of trying to look at the other side of the road,when you see a girl being molested and you turn your face away  to avoid the entire “scene” (Yes,that is what we think it is, a “scene” ! )
To cut the long story short,”Indifference” has seeped into the thread of our character and it will take a conscious effort on our part,to start noticing and helping others.
To those who have been good enough to go through the entire post but have not been able to think of any incident which might have been an epitome of  “Indifference”, I would like to say-just wait till you see a doctor turn away an ailing old lady with the words, “I don’t work on a Sunday”.

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