Two years ago,Michael Jackson passed away.His almost sudden demise shook the world of music,the society of artists and his innumerable fans all across the globe.

My memory of MJ is of the musician who prompted me to develop a taste for listening to English music (Music has no language,but you do get the point,don’t you?).
“Thriller”,was the first music cassette that i purchased.What followed was a following which culminated only in his demise.
Much has been said about the form of music he created,his accomplishments and awards,so I will refrain from walking down that road.
I know that this post is not poetry.But MJ’s moves were poetry in motion and this is my ode to MJ.
To cut the long story short,very few people affect their craft in such a manner that it takes a completely altered course for the rest of its existence.MJ did.

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