Of perverts and shades.

Scorching summer is wreaking  havoc ! (Don’t be appalled,this is not a comprehensive weather report).We tend to purchase a fresh stock of some articles for summers.Some of us also indulge in caps,summer apparel (for the poor man it is  the good old vest !) and even shades.

Speaking of shades,one of my excursions took me to a  “fake accessory” market (The more polite word would be “Imitation”).Every perceptible brand,type,design can be procured at,I daresay,affordable prices.

So i just ran into a group of hoodlums at this place.I realized that they were busy ogling and gawking at a group of  college girls. (That is what i could gather from there appearance.)

No, there were no heroics from my side. (I would like to remind you at this point, that the pen is mightier than the sword.An oft misquoted adage used to mask our incapability.)So more out of my lack of brawny prowess than anything else,I changed tracks.
But I stuck around to observe. (That is what any conscientious person,too scared to confront the bad guys would do.)
I realized,much to my disgust, that some people in the crowd,needless to mention the gender,were enjoying the discomfiture of the girls.The realization,that I was in the company of people for whom the accepted vernacular is “Pervert”,struck me.

I am not a judge of human character.As a guy,I do stare and gawk at times (“Gawk” is such a vulgar sounding term !).I don’t mind giving a pretty lady a second passing look.But that’s about it.

Infringing into a woman’s private domain and causing humiliation,is not my definition of being a guy.I am sure it it the same with a better part of the male population.
So when i saw those hoodlums being bashed by the shopkeepers and the motley crowd,I was pretty relieved.(What prompted the shopkeepers’ reaction is still under conjecture.It could have been the threat of losing a good number of customers or maybe they were just good guys.)
The beating that the ruffians got was pretty inhuman in itself.They surely left with morbidly colourful faces.

So the next day I went back to the same place,to find a few of the same guys at the same stall.Walking closely past one of them (His face was almost covered by shades.The swollen cheek and a cut over the eyebrow were telling a story !), I overheard them speaking.

Pervert 1: Cool shades,man ! Aviators ?
Pervert 2: Thanks…yeah bought them yesterday.They are just to keep the Sun out of my eyes.

So shades are pretty useful,after all.


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