The STAR burns bright.

What does one do when faced with a phenomenon which never ceases to amaze ? I’ll go ahead and answer this one for you.One stands and stares in awe.

Amitabh Bachchan,whose first name is taken from a Hindi word meaning “The inextinguishable light”,has been the beacon of versatility and excellence for almost four decades in the Hindi film industry.He has taken cinema lovers by their shoulders and shook them,comforted them,made them laugh,made them cry on countless occasions, by  his part traditional and part eccentric portrayal of a host of characters on the screen.

Yes,He’s very angry !

So we have had the good fortune of witnessing  “Vijay”,in innumerable films (most of them absolutely unforgettable)  like “Zanjeer”, “Deewar”,”Agneepath”  too name only a few.His immaculate portrayal of the “Angry Young Man”,in  his heyday represented the anguish of an entire generation and a source of inspiration for the next.
AB has been quite a charmer as well ! Romancing almost every leading lady on screen, AB has always been “THE”  heartthrob.

He’s still the BEST !

As a crooner,AB could give pedigreed singers a run for their money ! Those who’ve never had the opportunity of being mesmerised by AB’s vocal chords should try listening to “Neela Asman,FIlm: Silsila” ,a couple of evergreen Holi hits,”Mai yahan, Film : Baghban” and most recently “Haal-e-dil,Film : BHTB”.
Today at 68,when he dances and punches and winks with the audacity of a 20 year old and the grace of a Pro,(which he is !) ,one should just sit back and enjoy,rather than pose unkind questions and refrain from casting  doubts over the man’s ability.
His roles on screen, bear testimony to the   fact that Bollywood,I daresay,will never find a more seasoned “Actor”.A total of four “National FIlm Awards” and fourteen “Filmfare Awards” out of an unparalleled thirty-six nominations,also vouch for the aforementioned fact.
To cut the long story short,many stars in the sky twinkle.Amitabh dazzles.


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