Hostage Crisis

Believe me ! My grumpiness over not being able to exhort my mind to think of a better suited title for this post will not prevent me from expressing my anguish.
No, I do not grumble out of habit.But over the past few days the scene of the polity in India has undergone a sea change.(I have never been able to fathom the full meaning of this phrase !) It seems like the Indian media is also a party to this seemingly,unruly charade.
Getting back to the change in the polity,the point that i want to make here is about the tendency to hold democracy hostage,across the nation.In this process we are missing out on the more important issues.
Although i do not fancy myself as a political commentator (Not the ones who are on prime time television every night,without fail.The responsible ones!),I have been appalled by the behaviour of the Civil Society,in response to the  drafting of the “Lokpal Bill”.(“Lokpal Bill”, is an anti-corruption bill,to be introduced in the Lower House of the Indian parliament and aims to curb the rampant corruption in India.)The man at the helm has been threatening to take the democracy hostage with his indefinite fast ! (Not very Gandhian !)
Every other day employees of some or the other department go on an indefinite strike,presenting some rational,amidst a host of irrational demands.
The Deccan is also prone to threats to democracy from strikes.A case in point would be the violent protest for the state of “Telangana”.The demand for rehabilitation of Tamils,in Sri Lanka.
The Gujjars,demanding reservations in the states of Rajasthan and Haryana,farmer protest in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra,unruly protests for “Gorkhaland”,only to name a few, have shook the very core of our democratic foundations.
You might tell me that these are the grievances of people who been oppressed for too long(An ardent Communist might even consider killing me !).Conceded.But the nation cannot be threatened by any individual or group.
Any democratic process must respect its roots, which lie in the law of the land.Anything done for the welfare of the nation will no hold meaning if it ends up causing damage to the Republic.
To cut the long story short,no one has the right to extort a bargain out of the Republic of India.Doing a right thing, the wrong way,is not right.Believe me,it will come back and bite us.

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