Electrifying / 440 Volts

Hold the pity rants and the “Good for you” chants ! My mental faculties are still pretty much under my control.
The title for this post is what comes to my mind, when I witness the smile of a friend of mine.Yes,it could light up a town ! (How will that be done ? Wires in the mouth ! Maybe.)Anyways,ignoring the morbid graphic details,I can safely say that a beautiful smile can keep one in high spirits,maybe,through the day.
Alas ! We have actually forgotten the art of smiling.Okay,it is not as difficult this makes it sound.What does it take to smile? Maybe,let the smile grow into a hearty laugh ?
Friends have an uncanny knack of making each other smile.(Sometimes,that could land one in deep trouble!)
A joke or just a gesture is enough to crack us up on most occasions.
Which is your favourite smile ? The one which you gave your parents with something you did? The one which you gave to the passer by by helping him/her with some stuff ? Or still, the one that spread on the face of little kids in the park when you played a game of ball with them ? Yes,there are so many moments in life when we have spread a smile on someone’s face.Just take a moment and find yours.
A smile also has a character of its own.(Those in doubt,read the first two lines again) One can almost tell a smirk from a smile,the innocence from malice,the honesty from slyness.
I know that  life knocks too many punches and it is very difficult to smile when one is at the receiving end.But the very essence of life lies in getting up after the knock out punch,ready for the next bout.
I would like to share with you a jingle which i penned down (I miss writing such lines with a pen !)
“I know i don’t tell you too often,but you’ve really got a million dollar smile !” Sing it to the tune you like.


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