Winds,in shackles

I do not know why, but every human being has been endowed with a host of emotions.(In turn, every human went ahead and developed ways to exhibit them !) Being intrinsically shallow beings,what strikes us the most (Yes,we are all the same.Hence, “us”) is the manner in which our feelings are channeled and how they find their way out in the world.
Passion lies in the very fabric of this testimony of human emotions.It forms the core of  any reaction that emerges on the otherwise dull surface of the human mind.
Among other things,one of the most interesting things about passion is that it does not have an alter-ego.
Bravery could clash with recklessness,but passion  has no counterpart.
Due to this fact it loses its way with utmost ease.Misguided passion has been the mother of most of the miseries which have fallen upon mankind.(Wonder why don’t we have womankind ?)
Patriotism could turn into nationalism,piety into fundamentalism,motivation into greed and the list never ends.(Unless you fail to add anything to it !)
In my most humble opinion passion has no positive or negative side.To a thief crime he/she commits is an act of passion,to a doctor saving a life is an act of passion.Consequently,the line of propriety can get blurred in no time.
An individual must try to focus all of  one’s energies in a direction which provides a righteous channel to the brute force that “Passion” is.

An arrow will strike the target if and only if,the winds are behind it.If the gale loses its way,so will the arrow.The winds must be chained.


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