Lost or just lost on the people ?

Remember the days in which the Knight had taken down his cloak to save the Princess, the trouble of stepping in a puddle of mud ?  (Pardon the abuse of “the” in the sentence,too many universal facts !)
If you do then not only do you have a great memory,you have also not forgotten the idea of “Chivalry”.

The parameter against which men were  deemed fit or unfit for knighthood in medieval England acquired a new meaning as time passed by.But we are the children of a different age and are proud of our ideals (Audacity of the idea is not an issue !)
But unfortunately, chivalry has been lost in the intricate maze of our complex societal norms.A highly romanticized idea,chivalry has vanished in the grind of the everyday life.
An appalling display of misplaced feminism brought this sea change in people’s attitude to the attention of yours truly.For the reader :
Guy pulls the door open for a group of girls,coming from the opposite direction.
Girls (In shock and horror), stop in their tracks,give the guy a dirty look.Mumbling – We can open the door ourselves ! Guy (Flabbergasted and embarrassed) makes a meek exit.
To those who have played any part in such a scene ever,my heartfelt sympathy.
Pulling a chair for a lady,holding the door open,keeping ones hands out of pockets ,no use of unparliamentary language in the company of the fairer sex are virtues which might sound very trivial but,only because we have stopped paying attention to them.
In our attempt to be more “interesting” individuals (Beats me !) we have decided to overlook the very basis of propriety in our society.A general display of unparalleled misdemeanor by men has fostered in women a sense of suspicion,which labels any attempt to be chivalrous as “overtly polite” or in the more popular vernacular “hitting on someone” !
To cut the long story short,Chivalry has been viewed in the wrong light for too long.Sadly, it is rarely displayed and seldom understood.


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