How I wish you’d go away…

Disclaimer : This post might seem to be nauseatingly romanticized to some.

There is not much I have of you,not much that I can preserve.Apart from what my mind could register and then retain,there is not much that I have of you.In my numerous failed attempts to let go of you,there is one common factor. Relapse.
I do not know why,but the initial surge of excitement at getting to talk to you again after a while has always  faded into a dark painful abyss.The blame lies with me.Thoughts have managed to get carried away.
I am fully aware of the fact that life would have been a lot less fun without you in the picture in the first place.But,it sure would have been simpler !
The songs we’ve listened to,the jokes we’ve laughed at,the people we’ve mocked,the petty gossip we’ve let ourselves indulge in,I just want to freeze them in one pristine moment and remove any trace of bitterness and fallacy.Maybe,time will permit and help me to go back those images in my mind,to listen to those songs again and just smile back at them,even for a moment.

To keep talking to you,just listening to you would be something I would have done  without any second thoughts.But as much as I want to do all of what we’ve done over and over again,I just wish you’d go away.


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