Got any change?

As a consumer (one’s favourite sobriquet in the modern world) one of the most annoying experience apart from standing in queues, not having enough options and well, a host of other grievances is the sad event when the person on the other side of the cash counter refuses to pay any change. (To some of those who are reading this, some distinct incident might have flashed, culminating in a smile.)
From  my personal experiences I can tell you that being given some unwanted article in lieu of some change is very annoying, even if it is generally a matter of just a couple of bucks.
On the hindsight, have we ever stopped (while still in our fit of grumpiness leaving the shop mumbling under our breath), the opportunity it provides or gives to us?
Now, I know that this might sound a bit too far-fetched but pardon me.  Aren’t the turn of events in our mundane existence pretty much like the odd shopkeeper who just never has change? The point which I am trying to make here is that just like the candy which one gets for a few dimes, don’t we get a few unwanted experiences everyday which one could have done without but were thrust upon us?
The secret, in my most humble opinion, lies in finding a way to enjoy and savour the little bits of unexpected , even unwanted glimpses of the façade that some call life. If and when we do this, we succeed in  accepting the little goodness which we just received , not something that we asked for but still had to take.
To cut the long story short, I really enjoyed the new “Lacto candy”, which I received due the perpetual  shortage of change in a shop which I frequent. Might sound too corny but try appreciating the change which “No change” offers, it might just turn out to be good like the candy that I had.


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