He sits in a darkened room.Facing the window,cool night breeze in his face,he sits in a darkened room.Oblivious to the rustling leaves,slithering creatures and fading moon he sits in a darkened room.

They said that he did not care,that he was carefree,that he was selfish.Never did they realize that with the same allegations they burdened his soul with remorse,made him watch every step he ever took,killed every desire in his heart.
Today in the darkened room,devoid of even a beacon of hope,he ponders.Every moment in life is a mystery,but this mystery has lost the exhilaration. Every race which life has to offer seems endless now,even the end has no substance.
As he gazes at the world today,it is only the window which seems reliable to him.At least the window would not tell him a lie,at least the window will not give him a biased opinion,at least the window will not stop him from taking in, the beauty darkness has to offer.
As he sits in a corner,in a darkened room,he thinks how life would have turned out if a few moments would have taken a different turn…
The first rays of the day are arriving,he too is coming out of the trance which had engulfed him in the company of the moon and stars.He gets up,seemingly ready to face the new day.Just as he is about to step out into the world,he closes the window.


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