The art of saying,"No"

A confession first.Although i have not heard much of the music which Beethoven created,writing certainly feels better and more enjoyable with Ludwig on my side,or should i say in my ears?

Anyways,springing out from what has been a long stretch of lethargy among other issues,i have ventured into the very vibrant,fruitful and for the lack of a better word,old art of refusal.
The virtues of being truthful are many but unfortunately in our pursuit of a simpler and easier way out of the maze that is life,we like wielding  the sword of refusal.My foray into this very slippery area is strictly on an “opinion” only basis and no judgment will be passed.(Although,you should not hold me responsible for a highly opinionated slight remark,hither and thither!)
How does one say NO?
This is a blatant question which warrants an equally blatant reply.
One could be rude and bark or shoot a thunderous “NO” at a hapless victim at the receiving end.This is pretty effective but lacks in tact.
Another way is the politically correct,formally worded response.This is the kind which our political spokespersons use, in case of denial after a foot in mouth moment.This is pretty repulsive,no doubts! But it is effective as it does not leave much room for any kind of argument.
Moving on to the most devastating way.The one which is used by unamused souls on the ones under the spell of infatuation or any term which comes to your mind.This method relies on stealth and the “NO” is slipped between grave tones of despondence and soothing consolation.(Warning: This maybe cold blooded also.)
Another way is, one in which “NO” is sugar coated and dished out with a cute smile.This leaves the victim with no grudges against the perpetrator.This i daresay,is the most skilled way of refusal.Although,it may not be applicable in many cases.(Maybe,we’ll talk about these cases on some other occasion.)
Oft witnessed,one way of refusal works hand in hand with refusal’s cousin-royal ignore.In this method there is no clear confrontation.In fact,the emphasis is laid on avoiding any,at all.This is a time consuming form,generally employed by thick skinned perpetrators.

As this is not an exhaustive list,i would like to stop here.There are many causes which warrant a refusal,some just and some unjust.But,the methods which an individual employs to drive home the point range from bland to absolutely amusing!
As “Pastoral” continues its flight of crescendos and falls,i would like to take your leave with a question.
How easy is saying,”No” to anyone? Ponder over this question.Some questions warrant more than a monosyllabic reply.


2 thoughts on “The art of saying,"No"

  1. Saying 'no' is like too difficult for me.. i always end up cursing the person after saying 'yes'. Don't know the reason.. i just don't want to say No to anyone.. but yes i do know that a person should know how to say no at appropriate places or else it'll be a chaos for me… (i do consider this habit of me not saying no as a negative point)

  2. Hey Tharun! Sorry for the late response! Just revamped the blog. I know, saying no can be very difficult. Try one of the few ways mentioned above. Tell me if any of them work!

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