Second chances,anyone?

To be honest, i am not very sure of the grammatical correctness of this blog-post’s title.
Nevertheless,here i am.Yet another question on my mind.Now that we are done with my shameless, return to my blog after many a moon (that long?) let us dwell upon this thought for a while.
How many of us have ever received second chance in life? (Stop thinking about the times you gave someone a second chance.We are poor at giving a chance at all!) All of us falter once in a while.Even the seemingly invincible souls do.
But, how many of us end up picking ourselves up? Rather, how many of are allowed to afford the “rise from ashes”? For most of us ashes are interred in dust,for some lost in the winds.Only a few manage to forge a second coming.
What prevents us from allowing people to redeem themselves? What prompts us to make it so difficult for those already reeling under the ignominy of failure? (No one enjoys it!)
I will not venture into the psychological domain.That is not my cup of tea.But what drives us to the point of making a laughing stock of an athlete in the winter of his/her career,an artist who has seemingly lost the pristine touch,the leader who has ceased to be inspirational? These are leaves out of the book of our society.Closer to our heart,why do we lose confidence in an old friend who was once our first confidant,lose faith in our life partner,our siblings?
Alas! I have no answers.I have joined the limitless legion of souls who are a part of the problem,as they do not have any answers.
To cut the long story short,why does it become so difficult for us to extend a hand of support to someone,more than once.After all, even a breathtaking scenery merits a second look.

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