…and we danced as they lay in their own pool of blood.

The tunes were too boisterous to resist. The pastures were too lush to ignore. We just set about the enterprise with such zeal that it was no surprise that the shrieks and wails got muffled!
The Sun was shining,we could also feel the cool breeze. Those droplets which rinsed our heels were so soothing! So we just set about dancing. No,not much thought went into the entire affair. There was music in the air, every ray that fell upon the skin of the Earth was dazzling. We needed no lights,we had enough glimmer in our eyes.
Alas! The Sun burned the others.The cool wind was more of a gale, which ripped apart their humble dwellings and with it the very semblance of dignity.Those droplets rinsed their wounds and became one with blood. Yes,a union most ghastly,a gathering most gruesome!
The sounds of cry,the cries of help- no there was no musical quality to them.Nevertheless,we are not to blame.We were too busy dancing.Don’t ask us to which tune.We just danced.
We danced as they lay in their own pool of blood.

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