Very Short Stories -1

A very interesting concept was propounded on Twitter by  Westland Books. One was supposed to come up with stories with “trouble” as the theme (all in 140 characters or less.) I took the liberty of coming up with a few of my own very short stories. I have put them together here for you.

1. If a barren field was not trouble, the well ran dry. They had made their peace with hunger, now came thirst.

2. Sanity had never been his forte. He didn’t see why thoughts needed to be structured. Delirium was less trouble.

3. He knew that she was trouble and couldn’t care less. The moments and memories; he would do all of it again.

4. With the people around, the blood splatter would have been too much trouble. Instead, he got some flowers for her.

5. They danced with joyous abandon to his tunes! How each note he struck mirrored his trouble they would never know.

Sometimes, a few words and a lot of imagination can outdo the best of tomes. Please share your stories if you would like to.


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