900 miles for a cup of coffee

“Would you like to travel 900 miles for a cup of coffee?”
“900 miles? How many kilometers?”
“In the vicinity of 1500 kilometers.”
“The coffee would have to be great.”
“Or just some great company?”
“Are you asking me to have coffee with you?”
“Why can’t you ask me directly, like, “Would you like to have coffee with me?””
“I thought about asking you directly. But, I realized that I should ask you an open-ended question. You know, the kind in which I can follow up a negation with another question.”
“I don’t even know how to respond to that.”
“You don’t need to respond to that. So, would you like to travel 900 miles for a cup of coffee..err..with me?”
“I don’t know. Do you think it is a good idea, after what happened the last time?”
“It won’t be like the last time. He’s not in town. He won’t be back before next week.”
“I remember receiving a similar assurance from you even on the previous occasion!”
“You know, how unsettled I was by my own error, the last time.”
“And you really want to go through all of it again?”
“Why can’t you ever, not answer a question with a counter-question?”
“I’m not sure about this.”
“Neither am I. I had thought that you would show a little more interest.”
“What do you mean? Did you think that I would squeal in excitement at the chance of having to travel 900 miles to have a cup of coffee?”
“Yes, with me.”
“Let’s not talk again.” A click sound.


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