Unquiet Silences

I have decided to venture into the hitherto unknown (to me) field of translations. Here, I have tried my hands at translating a wonderful poem by Anamika Tiwari from Hindi to English. The original is titled, “खामोशियों में भी कुछ शोर रहता है“.

My sketchy attempt at translation is titled: “Unquiet Silences”

Even silences bear a tumult
and a rustle obscured by shadows
Still, I encounter an all consuming loneliness,
Looking back at the time gone by,
As I reason with myself again, in vain – there is no Saviour.

So, why am I alive?
An eternal flame that feeds on hope
Corpses on vulgar display
A life bound by a few morsels

Then where do I find my singularity?


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